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Pre-Meeting Questions

The following questions are designed to provide us with a basic understanding of your situation, objectives and relevant advice issues. Not all questions may be relevant to you. Please also provide any additional information you think may assist:

  • Please list your dates of birth and your full names.
  • What are the names and dates of birth of your children (if any)?
  • What are your home, postal, telephone and email details?
  • What are your current employment roles and gross remuneration?
  • Please provide details regarding your assets and liabilities, including:

    • Names and values of any investments, and who owns them
    • Superannuation funds, including amounts and where invested
    • Information on any borrowings, including purpose, provider and interest rate
    • Do you have any outstanding tax liabilities or carried forward losses?
  • What is your average annual household expenditure net of tax?
  • Please list any significant one-off expenses or inflows that you expect.
  • What are your lifestyle objectives:

    • Do you have a particular retirement date in mind?
    • Do you have any particular plans regarding travel, house change, assisting family members, etc?
    • Do you have any other particular priorities e.g. leaving an estate, ethical considerations, flexibility, etc?
  • What are the key reasons you seek our advice?
  • Do you have current Wills and enduring Powers of Attorney?
  • What is the extent of your life and insurance cover? Are you in a private health fund?
  • Please outline below any other issues or considerations.