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About Hub

Andrew Wiefler and David Smith combined their financial planning and advisory skills to form Hub Wealth Management. This was motivated by a number of factors, including:

  • the desire to run a firm that specifically addressed the needs of individuals and groups with larger sums to invest. In Australia currently, most firms aim for the “average” client, while some larger institutions cater for larger client portfolios, but have limitations due to their remuneration structures, vested interests and other factors.
  • an understanding of the vital importance of genuine ongoing service to client relationships. Very few firms provide effective ongoing service to maintain portfolios and effectively address change
  • ability to access a wider range of quality research and investment solutions so that investment recommendations and portfolio management can have a strong theoretical underpinning, along with implementation through investments to which there is no bias of commission. This is a key differentiator in the Australian advice market.
  • a realisation that larger institutions tend to provide a number of potential solutions, and then fit clients into them. Instead, the aim of Hub Wealth is to genuinely tailor specific investment and strategy solutions for clients, based on a clear understanding of needs, objectives, risk tolerance, and regular ongoing interaction.

Hub Wealth Management is based in Sydney CBD. The business is owned jointly by Andrew and David.

Hub accesses research from a wide variety of sources, and also subscribes to a variety of global information and portfolio strategy sources. We also access Australian stock broker research, but assess this carefully, mindful of the various vested interests that can be involved.

No investment is ever made in the name of our firm: we are advisers only. Therefore, all investments are held in the name of the investing party – there is no risk associated with Hub, other than the outcomes from advice. We have a very stringent investment methodology, and use technology to optimise portfolio and client management outcomes. We also carry Professional Indemnity insurance.