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Our Difference How is Hub Wealth different to others?

How is Hub Wealth different to others?

The financial advisory industry is very crowded. It can be hard to distinguish between one advisory firm and another. At Hub Wealth, we believe that there are a number of aspects that set us apart from our competitors:

Your advisers are the owners of the business.  Our focus is personal and strategic, not product.  Our interests are aligned with clients through our advice fee model.  Any investments we recommend are backed by independent research, and are appropriate for your circumstances.

Benefits of Small and Large. While Hub is a relatively small firm, we believe this is an advantage. We can take advantage of scale created by quality independent providers to access research and investment solutions that offer flexibility, simplicity of access, and can be tailored for specific situations. Our costs are also highly competitive, while we work closely with you on a personal level that is not available through larger firms.

Highly Personalised Approach. For each client, we take considerable care to ensure that we understand your situation, objectives, concerns and experience. Based on these factors and our assessment of the most appropriate combination of strategies for your particular circumstances, we will provide you with advice.

Holistic View. In most situations, we will want to understand as much about you as possible to provide the proper context for our advice. This enables us to adopt a co-ordinated approach with your investments, estate planning, income provision and tax.

Genuine Interactive Ongoing Service. We believe that establishing the appropriate combination of strategy, structure and investment is very important. However, working with our clients to manage change appropriately is even more important. Therefore, we emphasise the importance of genuine ongoing service. This means a combination of face-to-face meetings, investment and strategy information, budget updates and the ability for our clients to talk to us at any time as required.

Effective Portfolio Construction. We have undertaken extensive research to unearth the realities of investment, including what to expect from different investments, ways to improve genuine diversification, controlling cost, improving tax outcomes, and the importance of some active asset allocation to manage overall risk. Each portfolio is tailored to the particular objectives and risk profile of the client.

Strong Technical Backgrounds. We have very strong technical backgrounds in areas of superannuation, retirement income strategies, tax and investment. We also hold financial planning qualifications, and degrees with legal/tax/economics focus.

Significant Experience. The principals of Hub Wealth have significant experience in investment, strategy, superannuation and tax advice. This is a critical factor in providing client advice, and also in the ongoing management of strategies and investments as individual circumstances, legislation and markets change.