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Giving Back Helping Causes Relevant to our Clients

Helping Causes Relevant to our Clients

Every year, Hub Wealth makes donations to specific charitable groups on behalf of our clients.

Our selections are based on relevance to our clients and their interests.  Therefore, recipients will change over time, reflecting the conversations and circumstances of our clients and their families.  In recent years, some of the recipient groups have included:

Lifeline Australia has never been in more demand.  Every time there is a story on television about suicide or mental health, viewers are advised to call Lifeline.  The organisation provides 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention with 11,000 staff and volunteers and modest government funding.  They also provide services through community centres across the country.

Doctors Without Borders is the world’s leading organisation for providing independent humanitarian aid including medical, mental health and logistics.  The team works in countries throughout the world, particularly where there is conflict.  Current locations include Syria, Lebanon, South Sudan and Ethiopia.  Much more information is at

The Garvan Institute.  The research teams at the Garvan cover a wide range of areas, including cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases (alzheimers, Parkinsons) and osteoporosis. Our donation is to assist the work on diseases associated with ageing, including studies showing a link between type 2 diabetes and dementia. More information:

MND Australia  Motor Neurone Disease (MND) effects 1900 Australians.  MND is an insidious disease that attacks the nervous system, and for which there remains no known cure.  MND Australia is committed to helping to improve the lives of MND sufferers and their families.  They also provide information, research, advocacy and care for people living with MND.

Youth Off the Streets.  Through family dislocation, drug addiction, unemployment and homelessness many children are left to fend for themselves.  Youth off the Streets offers a vital support service to these people in the hope that they can enjoy basic housing, food and education in a non-threatening environment to build a better future.