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How Can Hub Help You?

  • Strategic emphasis based on detailed understanding of you and your objectives
  • No managed fund investment commissions
  • Strong academic backgrounds
  • Extensive private client experience
  • Specialist skills in areas including investment, superannuation, tax, and complex structuring issues
  • A breadth of quality research
  • A strong long-term relationship focus

Our clients tend to be people who have one or more of the following features:

Have already been successful in some way. This could mean they are nearing retirement and have accumulated large superannuation balances, have a large position in the shares of their employer, or other significant assets. Potential issues can include retirement planning, tax structuring, estate planning, succession planning, investment risk management, privacy, asset protection and others.

Have received a lump sum. This may be through retirement, redundancy, inheritance, lottery win, compensation payment or other means. This means that the issues revolve around achieving a sound investment outcome, with a strong overlay relating to tax outcomes, risk management, reducing administrative burdens, and being comfortable with the lifestyle implications of choices made.

In some instances, the technical issues are vital to achieving the desired outcome. For example, understanding all of the options and implications for use of payments on redundancy, or the special provisions for compensation payments, use of the relevant trust structures, evaluating testamentary trusts, optimising superannuation and allocated pension outcomes, etc.

Have high incomes. Here, issues often revolve around sensible ways to harness the high income for moving towards financial independence. This requires a detailed understanding of lifestyle needs, timeframes, tax positions, structures and other factors. In this situation, the solutions will include optimising use of superannuation contributions, effective use of debt, review of insurance needs, estate planning, and modelling to identify appropriate investment approaches.

We also provide a suite of financial advisory services, including:

Wealth Accumulation: savings, investment, debt management, portfolio construction, insurance, salary packaging, employee share plans, employee super funds

Retirement Planning: superannuation, pension strategies, managing concentrated investment positions, determining the appropriate investment approach and its implications, government assistance. We encourage clients to contact us as early as possible so that we can optimise potential outcomes.

In all situations, we adopt a holistic approach to our advice. Therefore, we will identify needs in areas such as estate planning, and assist you to address these through liaison with appropriate external professionals.

Use of cost-effective and efficient administration services are also an important part of simplifying the process, carefully monitoring positions, and maintaining flexibility.

For all clients, we adopt an ongoing, interactive relationship approach. This enables us to work together to manage change in all of its forms: legislation, your needs and objectives, income requirements, investment markets and others.